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How Your Entire Family Can Benefit From Visiting a Family Chiropractor in North Aurora, IL

If you think that chiropractors are only beneficial for adults and injured parties, you are certainly part of the majority. Most often, when you hear of someone visiting a chiropractor, they are an adult who has been injured in a work or car accident. And it’s certainly true that chiropractors can help with such injuries.

The trouble is that many people miss out on what an invaluable resource a chiropractor can be throughout every other stage of life. Every member of your family can benefit from visits with Dr. Yarbrough at Yarbrough Chiropractic, whether they are injured or not. Learn more about how below.

Pregnancy and Infancy

A mother’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy, which can create a lot of pain and discomfort. And when spinal and pelvic alignment is compromised, it leads to a longer, more challenging delivery, which can impact the baby’s journey. If the little one’s alignment is compromised during birth, it often leads to colic, pain, discomfort, and more.

A family chiropractor can help moms achieve a more joyful pregnancy and shorter delivery. And infants can benefit from gentle spinal manipulations that help undo any injuries sustained while traveling through the birth canal.

Children and Teens

It’s hard to make it through childhood without at least a few bumps and bruises. From learning to walk to the playground and contact sports, children’s and teens’ bodies often sustain spinal injuries – some they don't even notice. Unfortunately, these injuries can impact sleep, concentration, digestion, behavior, and more. Chiropractic visits can reduce or eliminate such issues and keep their bodies growing properly.


Every time you lift your children, bend to lift your groceries, sit at a desk to work, take your pet for a walk, or lean over to scrub your tub, your spine is involved. Visiting your chiropractor regularly not only helps undo the damage of these tasks but also keeps your spinal column strong to keep managing them.

Senior Years

Aging seems synonymous with aches and pains, but many of those are preventable through chiropractic care. Additionally, conditions like degenerative disc disease and arthritis are often managed – at least in part – through ongoing care of the spinal column.

Want to learn more about how a family chiropractor can benefit your loved ones? Call (630) 340-4253 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yarbrough at Yarbrough Chiropractic in North Aurora, IL.

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